Escrow and Collateral Management.

Easier. Less Expensive. More accessible.

We believe in using the power of smart contracts running on the Ethereum Blockchain to open the potential of escrow and collateralized trading to everybody.

We are building a smart contract platform that automates the creation and servicing of collateral securing deals between one or more counterparties. A platform that leverages the power of smart contracts to deliver you a much more cost-effective, centrally managed and optimized collateral management experience.

Blockchain is changing the way we exchange value. We can move value into and out of smart contracts seamlessly and at low cost in a completely automated, transparent way.

We at Radial Manner want to create a platform that allows secure, frictionless access to collateralized dealing for counterparties, and access to ROI for tokenized assets previously locked away from economic activity due to illiquidity and high transaction costs.

In the SureVX platform, we’re creating a service that helps organisations get access to collateralized trading without needing teams of back-office staff or a huge pool of assets from which to draw. On our platform, such organisations will be able to leverage collateral-as-a-service, borrowing assets from other users on demand to meet their collateral needs. There is enormous potential for economic efficiences.

Individual participants can also participate and profit from their holdings, staking their own cryptocurreny and tokens as collateral in return for interest payments. Worldwide, trillions of dollars are currently dormant in illiquid or dead capital. As the blockchain renders this capital both legal and liquid, it will become possible for the owners to profit in new ways.

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